Tagoholic alpha
Tag it Find it Get it done
Tagoholic is a personal task management
capable of managing hundreds of tasks with ease.
With a sophisticated yet simple tagging system you
can choose your own work method. Imagine
all your tasks at your finger tips.
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Notes, tasks and tags
Tagoholic does not have a predefined way of doing things. You can be as tidy or as messy as you want. You can start with a predefined work method and tweak it later on, or invent one as you go. Use simple sorting with one big pile of notes and trust the search to find stuff later on, or use an elaborate colored tags scheme with saved searches. Tagoholic notes can be used for tasks, to-do lists, project plans, or the random poem or thought, all at the same place.

As many tags as you need
Tags are used for quick cataloging of notes and are at the heart of Tagoholic. Their uses are many and versetile. Using tags you can create sorted groups, mark notes for urgency, ownership or context. Each note can have unlimited number of tags.
Notes, notes and more notes
Tagoholic is designed for rapid rate of entering new notes. Entering notes is as fast as writing it down on a piece of paper by using the 'New note' link or the shortcut Alt+n. Notes have no size limit and there's no limit to the amount of notes. There are no obligation when entering notes, you can tag them right after insertion, tag them later, or not tag them at all.
Powerful search
Save them searches
For cases where tags are not enough and you find yourself using the same search statement over and over again you can save the search. Saved searches are named and are readily available from the navigation pane.
Sort it out
Sorting notes is done by a simple drag and drop in the search pane. The sort order is global for all the notes making it useable across searches and tag views.
Built for speed
Tagoholic is as fast as any desktop application. You might even forget that you are working with a web application. This holds with tens of tags and saved searches and above a thousand notes in your account.
Hundreds of notes
Tagoholic is designed to work with hundreds and even thousands of notes without losing any of its usability, functionality and speed.
Taglets - Javascript Extensions
Tagoholic is a powertool, a Geek tool for a geek geenration. So what can be better than built-in javascript extensions. These extensions are implmented just like other notes and can be activated by adding the 'taglet' tag to the note with the code. You can think of it as a built-in greasmonkey. Since Tagoholic is about 90% javascript there are endless possibilities.
It even has skins :)

Using Taglets you can inject CSS and create your own look and feel.